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At Southernality, we appreciate life's finer pleasures, and among them, coffee reigns supreme. Our Southernality Coffee Roasters Camp Blend Whole Bean Coffee is meticulously handcrafted and roasted to absolute perfection. This exceptional brew boasts tasting notes of smoky raspberry and decadent dark chocolate, infused with a distinct southern flair. Renowned for its harmoniously balanced flavor and luxuriously smooth finish,  it's become a favorite among coffee connoisseurs everywhere!


  • Profile: French
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Tasting Notes: Smoky Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Anise

Southernality Coffee Roasters Camp Blend Whole Bean Coffee

SKU: CF-CMP-WB-12425
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Camp Blend Coffee
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    • 12 oz bag of hand crafted, specialty grade, 100% Arabica coffee.
    • Single origin, exotic farm location.
    • Small batch artisan roasted.
    • High altitude.
    • Responsibly sourced.
    • Brazil uses advanced harvesting and processing systems which produces very high end specialty grade coffee beans.
    • Southernality Camp Blend coffee beans are meticulously stored in bags equipped with a one-way valve. This innovative design allows the CO2 emitted by the freshly roasted beans to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. As a result, oxidation is minimized, ensuring the beans' freshness, flavor, and aroma are preserved.
    • To ensure that you enjoy the full experience of your Southernality coffee, please adhere to the listed 'Proper Storage Practices' to maintain the beans' optimal freshness and flavor.
  • Proper storage practices ensure that your delicious coffee maintains its exceptional taste, and you can enjoy every sip without any compromise in quality! Follow these storage practices after opening the bag:

    • Airtight Container: Transfer the remaining whole bean coffee into an airtight container after opening the bag. Opt for an opaque container or store it in a dark place to shield the beans from light, which can degrade their quality over time.
    • Cool and Dry Location: Keep the airtight container in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as the stove or oven. Avoid placing the coffee near spices or strong-smelling foods, as coffee can absorb odors.
    • Avoid Freezing or Refrigerating: Contrary to popular belief, it's best not to freeze or refrigerate whole bean coffee. These environments can introduce moisture to the beans, leading to flavor deterioration and potentially causing the oils in the beans to go rancid.
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