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Elevate any space with our Southernality Smokey Vanilla Bourbon Home Fragrance Oil. This enticing blend offers a harmonious balance of sweetness and depth, presented in a distinctive style you'd only expect from us! Delight in the perfect fusion of sweet caramel, tonka beans, and creamy vanilla, intertwined with the smooth, smoky essence of bourbon. Elevate every moment to new heights of intoxicating allure with this custom Southernality scent—it's simply perfection!


Scent Notes

  • Top: Whipped Cream, Sugar Crystals, Marshmallow
  • Middle: Condensed Milk, Caramel Strands, Molasses
  • Base: French Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Creamy Musk

Southernality Smokey Vanilla Bourbon Home Fragrance Oil

    • 200mL high quality, custom blend created by Southernality.
    • For use in cold air oil diffusers and/or with diffuser reeds.
    • When using diffuser reeds, simply place the reeds directly into the decorative glass bottle containing the oil.
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